Hi Chipper Talent Base
Qingdao Technological University Enterprise Education Research Base(the talent base in brief),invented by Ru Xing Tian Xia group, was founded by both Ru Xing Tian Xia group and Qingdao Technological University at the end of 2007 and started to work at the beginning of Apr.,2008. Add:Rm110,No.3 Education building .

In the base ,Ru Xing Tian Xia’s formal staff guide the trainees’ work and it creates the interaction among the base,company and factory.It trys to provide the students(trainees) with the real business professional environment and trains them with the innoviative spirit,work method,pracitcal ability ,work coordination and major related practice,etc.The trainees work as well as study.

Paticipant:the sophomore(10%) and the junior in related majors.

Recruitment Sites:the base( Rm110,No.3 Education building), the company and the factory.

Recruitment Methods:Open recruitment,interviewed by Ru Xing Tian Xia’s administrators and related department leaders strictly according to Ru Xing Tian Xia’s recruitment standards.

Recruitment Time:We usually conduct the biggest open recuitment after sping festival every year and also some small ones when staff are in urgent need at other time.We will put on the post if there is any recruitment.

Terms: one year (usually the second term of the junior year and the first term of the senior year)

Work forms:blend work with study.trainees are involved in the company’s management and work.For example:work in the factory,system training,work together with formal staff,etc.

Work contents:trainees work together with the company’s formal staff and are responsible for the company’s work.

Trainees who finish the whole process will get the certificate conferred by Ru Xing Tian Xia,will be recommended to Ru Xing Tian Xia’s relative companys and also have the two-way choice to stay with Ru Xing Tian Xia.

Ru Xing Tian Xia decide to generate one new company or factory from the base every year and select the relative graduates from the trainees to form the new management team to work formally.At the same time,the team will leave the base to be a separate legal unit and work independently.The first company--Ru Xing Tian Xia Smart Info Net Co.,LTD has been generated and registered (registration fund: one million yuan ).

In addition, the base are willing to cooperate with all the teachers and students’ excellent projects.The interested can hand “project feasibility report” to us and we hope to cooperate with you . The more the better.The issue is long –term effective. Thank you!

Qingdao Technological University Enterprise Education Research Base(Hi Chipper Work&Education Training Office)


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